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The Symphony Orchestra of Canada is proud to be part of

The Symphony Orchestra of Canada is an ensemble of Canada's finest musicians. The vision of the orchestra's conductors Stefanos Karabekos (Principal Conductor) and Victor Feldbrill (Principal Guest Conductor) is aimed at a global audience through concerts and recordings at home and abroad. The cultural mandate of the orchestra is inspired by the truly remarkable multi-cultural society that Canada has become. The programmes of the Symphony Orchestra of Canada reflect and celebrate this rich mosaic.

As one of the newest orchestras to be formed in Canada, the first mandate is to promote and showcase Canadian classical music at home and abroad. Further, the Symphony Orchestra of Canada strives to conceive of new and innovative programs to attract and hone new audiences to the world of classical performance and composition.

In 1980, founder and current Music Director, Stefanos Karabekos, began conducting an ensemble that consisted of Toronto musicians. This ensemble toured eight consecutive years and performed at many of Canada's renowned venues including The Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Vancouver, Jubilee Theatre in Calgary, Toronto's Roy Thompson Hall, Ontario Place, The O'Keefe Centre and Convocation Hall.

Advisory Committee:

  • Victor Feldbrill (Conductor)
  • Walter Pitman (Author)

Past Advisors:
Louis Applebaum John Weinzweig
Louis Applebaum, C.C. John Weinzweig, O.C.
(Composer) (Composer)

Board of Directors:

  • Andrew MacEachern, President
  • Lucien Slosel, Secretary
  • Helen Chartofylax, Treasurer
  • George Diamandopoulos, Vice-President
  • Robert Lang
  • Arthur Carey
  • Mike Hanson

Contact Information:

Stefanos Karabekos, Music Director and Conductor, (416) 835-5353

For more information or to become a sponsor contact us at:
7825 Bayview Avenue, Suite 1207, Thornhill, Ontario, Canada, L3T 7N2
Tel: 416-835-5353  Fax: 905-886-8571